Roussillon Wine Tour

In the South of France, the Roussillon vineyard covers 20,600 hectares. The Roussillon region is known for its high quality natural sweet wines. This gigantic wine-growing area in Roussillon also produces traditional reds, whites and rosés. From the city of Perpignan, you will have the opportunity to see a diversity of breathtaking landscapes.

The steps of our Roussillon Wine Route :

  1. Château de Pennautier
  2. Domaine Força Réal
  3. Domaine Rière-Cadène
  4. Château Corneilla Del Vercol
  5. Domaine Madeloc

How not to be amazed by the beauty of the Pyrenean landscapes, as well as by the colour of the water of the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Perpignan, its historical heritage and its old centre full of charm deserve to be seen. Don't forget to walk past the Castillet or the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

You understood it, we offer you a Wine Route of Roussillon, starting from Perpignan and which takes you to our favorite winegrowers and domains of the region!

The Must See Domains in Roussillon

Château de Pennautier

Your journey begins a few kilometres from Perpignan, at the Château de Pennautier, built in 1620 by Bernard Reich de Pennautier. A protected historical monument, this castle combines the beauty of the history and the region. Since 1620, the Château de Pennautier has been exploiting its wine-growing land, passed down from generation to generation.

Today Nicolas and Miren de Lorgeril continue the work of their ancestors by promoting the singular terroirs of a region located at the crossroads of oceanic and Mediterranean influences. The wines of Château de Pennautier transcribe all the depth and delicacy of the terroirs and grape varieties.

Visit the Pennautier winery and discover the philosophy of the estate, the influence of the barrel and the different terroirs of the Cabardès appellation through a tasting led by a sommelier. 5 "prestige" wines will be in the spotlight. You will taste wines that may or may not have been matured in barrels and wines from selected parcels in order to discover the different terroirs of Cabardès.

Domaine Força Réal

A little further west, on the foothills of the Hermitage, you will come across the Domaine Força Réal. The vineyard extends over 40 hectares but the estate also has 10 hectares of olive trees to produce extra-virgin olive oil. The estate is located between 100 and 450 meters above sea level, this diversity of soils is an advantage because it allows you to benefit from different levels of sunshine according to the plots of land and therefore to bring out the different aromas of the terroir.

It was Jean-Paul Henriques who in 1989 decided to acquire this estate after falling in love with it. Today, his son Cyril is at the head of the estate, helped by his sister Laura.

Les Henriques invite you to take part in a tasting of the whole range in their estate and to discover the secrets of the vineyard and the different methods of vinification according to the vintages.

Domaine Rière-Cadène

On your way to the Domaine Rière-Cadène, with the vineyards covered with grass in the garrigue, the snowy peaks to the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the background. The Rière-Cadène family has been working the vines since 1904 on exceptional terroirs. For many years, the 30 hectare vineyard has been worked without pesticides or herbicides. In the same way, the estate is in the process of obtaining an Organic Agriculture certification.

Before taking over the family estate, Laurence and Jean-François Rière wanted to grow flowers . Before becoming winemakers, Guillem (their nephew) travelled all over Africa. The cross paths of this trio make the richness of the Domaine and forge its signature.

At the Domaine Rière-Cadène, Laurence, Jean-François, Guillem and their team welcome you for a fun and friendly tasting with local products.

Château Corneilla Del Vercol

Located 5km from the Mediterranean Sea, here is the Domain of the Castle Corneilla del Vercol. Since 1845, the Jonquères d'Oriola family has been producing subtle wines in the Roussillon region. The exposure of the vineyard in full sunshine is excellent for the ripening of the grapes and the influence of the cool nights from the Pyrenean mountains gives a perfect balance to the wine.

Corneilla Castle was built in the 13th century. Philippe Jonquères d'Oriola, the current owner, is helped by his son William, who is the 27th generation of the family's winegrower.

Philippe, William and the whole team of the estate are waiting for you to share with you their knowledge of the vine, the profession of winemaker, but also the history of the Château and the family. Afterwards, a tasting of several wines will be made in order to present you their different wines.

Domaine Madeloc

This is where your Wine Route ends. Between the sea and the mountains, we present you the Domaine Madeloc which spreads over 16 hectares of hillsides. The panoramic view at the top of the hillsides over the Mediterranean is unique. At the head of this superb estate created in 2002, Pierre Gaillard, a winemaker from the Rhône Valley.

Pierre and his wife Pascale work together on the different estates they own but it is their daughter Elisa who took over the reins of Madeloc in 2009. The quality of the wines from this estate is recognized in many specialized guides (Hachette Vins, Revue du Vin de France...).

For the Gaillard, the wines must express clear and precise fruit aromas, with a deep colour. Pierre and Pascale have passed on their passion for wine to their three children, and it is your turn to discover this passion by visiting Domaine Madeloc. A warm welcome, a moment of knowledge sharing and wine tasting await you.

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