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Christophe Dugarry’s Selection : Le Domaine Saint Amant

Ma sélection plaisir du moment !

I recently tasted the wines of Domaine Saint-Amant at a diner with some friends.

As I was already a fan of the Rhône Valley and its appellations, the wines of Camille Nosworthy confirmed my appeal for these products!

My 6 bottles :
livraison incluse
Domaine Saint Amant
Camille Nosworthy
Domaine Saint Amant - Les Clapas 11€60
2017, Vallée du Rhône
20 reviews
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Pourquoi j'ai choisi ce vin ?

Small hints of slightly spiced black cherry that I love to find in red wines. We taste dit a bit fresh but it didn’t prevent us to feel strong aromas.

I take 1 bottle to try it with a chocolate dessert, it must be a nice pairing!

Domaine Saint Amant - La Borry 13€25
2018, Vallée du Rhône
20 reviews
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Pourquoi j'ai choisi ce vin ?

My big crush is for this wine. The aromas of exotic fruits that I found in the nose but also in the mouth brought me into another world ! The wine is delicious without heaviness.

I take 3 bottles for its adaptibility. We tasted it at the aperitif and with our starter (scallops carpaccio with citruses) : Perfect!

Domaine Saint Amant - Grangeneuve 17€35
2015, Vallée du Rhône
18 reviews
Pourquoi j'ai choisi ce vin ?

A beautiful discovery with this blend of grape varieties that I am not used to (Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Viognier). I believe that it would be good to let it age a few more years to allow it to reveal itself even better.

I take 2 bottles. Amazing with a braised red meat (also considering that I often eat red meat !)

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