Damien’s Selection : Domaine de l’Horizon

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The Roussillon region… It is such a beautiful appellation that has many soils and benefits from different kind of weathers to offer breathtaking wines.

A good example of this diversity is the Domaine de l’Horizon. It is managed since 2007 by Thomas Teibert who carries us into another world made of freshness and lightness.

For all wine lovers, the products from the Domaine de l’Horizon won’t let anyone indiffenrent. No one can forget such singular and charming wines…

My 6 bottles :
livraison incluse
Domaine de l'Horizon
Thomas Teibert
 - 0€00

Pourquoi j'ai choisi ce vin ?

This wine is a solid base and it is advised to decant it a few hours before the tasting. Powerful and fine! If I had to compare it, I would say that this wine is a mix of a pig and a boar. It has the finesse of te pig and the power of the boar.

I take 1 bottle for a diner with some friends. I pair it without any hesitation with a roasted piece of beef!

Domaine de l'Horizon - L’Esprit de l’Horizon Blanc 18€45
2016, Roussillon
10 reviews
Pourquoi j'ai choisi ce vin ?

With nice aromas of white flowers, this wine is surprising, fresh and light for the region. It is a real treat!

I take 2 bottles, one for the aperitif and the other one for a fresh starter (seafood, smoked salmon...)

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