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Gilbert and Gaillard’s Selection : Château Barbebelle

Le coup de coeur de Gilbert et Gaillard !

We got a big crush for the Château Barbebelle that succeeded to create its own wine identity.

The winemakers, a daughter and her dad, show a real commitment. This property has been managed over generations in the family and now they joined their shared passion to build a winery and products in their own image : precise and delicate.

We like the strength of character of Madeleine who took over the lead of this estate of Provence to bring new life to her father’s winery.

My 6 bottles
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Château Barbebelle
Madeleine Herbeau
Château Barbebelle - Cuvée Madeleine 10€40
2017, Provence
8 avis
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A flavoury and delicate nose paired with a light and fruity mouth. This rosé wine, which is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault, is a perfect example of the rosés de Provence that anyone like to taste fresh at an aperitif.

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I take 3 bottles of this lively and fruity wine to pair with a plate of raw vegetables during the summer!

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Château Barbebelle - Cuvée Madeleine 10€60
2017, Provence
11 avis
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This wine needs a bit of aeration to be tasted at its greatest value. The nose has hints of spices and cacao that emerge slowly. In the mouth, the strong black fruit aromas make you want to pair it with a nice grilled meat.

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I take 2 bottles for my meal with family or friends!

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Château Barbebelle - Cuvée Héritage Rosé 16€35
2017, Provence
10 reviews
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Pourquoi j'ai choisi ce vin ?

This wine is the high quality wine of the Château which is made from the best plots of the winery. This rosé is really well-balanced and combine finesse and freshness. This wine can be paired with a whole meal from starter to dessert thanks to its concentration of hints of citruses and soft spices.

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I take 1 bottle for a special occasion, a christening, a birthday...

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