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Champagne BARNAUT

Between tradition and modernity

Following five generations of winegrowers, I have developed my passion by expressing our exceptional terroir, naturally and simply, without artifice and without giving in to fashions.

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(51) Marne

Our family's winegrowing history, which dates back to before 1640 for grape production, took an original turn for a Champagne winegrower of the mid-19th century: In 1873, Edmond BARNAUT married Apolline GODMÉ-BARANCOURT, owner of vines on Bouzy. Winegrower and pressure broker, so knowing how to make wines, he decided in 1874 to make for himself what he did for the well-known merchants of Reims and Epernay by making his first bottles under his own brand name. his first vintage, the Grande Réserve, which made him a pioneer winegrower in "manipulation", is still made today, on the principle of "perpetual assembly" which means that each bottle contains a little of each vintage produced since 1874!

I have always practiced a very rational viticulture, as naturally as Mr Jourdain does prose, so it is only logical that our estate is doubly certified High Environmental Value (HVE) and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne (VDC), using natural compounds as much as possible, organic fertilizers, spontaneous grassing of the plots, a modern underground cellar with very low energy consumption, a photovoltaic roof of the cellars allowing electrical self-sufficiency... These are just a few examples that illustrate our eco-citizen approach.

Our story

I like to demonstrate that, in addition to the major brands, Champagne is first and foremost a vineyard in its own right, whose diversity of terroirs and multiplicity of parcels offer a universe of wines that are as different as they are complementary.

Other little stories

When I was seven or eight years old, I knew I would be a winemaker when my father made me smell the wine just out of the vat. It was in winter and the wine was cold. He then warmed it up on the corner of the stove and talked to me "like a grown-up" about the aromas he smelled and that I was discovering. I looked for so many fragrances that I plunged my nose into this bowl until I breathed in a few drops to cough and cry about it. We laughed, we were in communion and I think that this moment marked the whole journey we have made together, I immersing myself in his experience, taking advantage of my knowledge... This wine, I still feel it. This moment is forever etched in my memory and, when I think about it, I feel its presence right here near me.

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