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Champagne Fleury

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The Art of Being Natural

Since 1895, the history of the Fleury family has been rooted in the heart of southern Champagne. She cultivates a vineyard located in Courteron, 45 km south of Troyes which extends over 15 hectares cultivated...

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Our story

It was in the 1970s that Jean-Pierre Fleury, Morgane's father, Jean-Sébastien & Benoît, began his ecological research in 1989 to develop his cultivation methods towards biodynamics. He was the pioneer of this method in Champagne. Today, Jean-Pierre Fleury continues to raise awareness among winegrowers about this production method. His best argument: his wines!

Other little stories

We vinify in Burgundy barrels that already have several wines behind them, which contributes to the aromatic complexity characteristic of our champagnes. Moreover, we have set up a system for tasting and rating what each barrel brings to our wines and we discard the barrels that do not bring what we are looking for.

We work with our own local yeasts. We have selected them to have 100% organic traceability.

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