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Champagne Gamet

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A tale of round trips in the Valley

A family and completely independent house, the Gamet house is proud of its small grape variety, the Meunier, and its terroirs located in the Marne Valley, Left Bank and Right Bank of the Ma...

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(51) Marne

Located in the Marne Valley, the Gamet house extends over three communes: Mardeuil, Damery & Fleury-la-Rivière. Philippe Gamet makes his wines with passion and patience, closely followed by his children Jean-François and Marianne who now contribute to the vinification.
Grower Champagne - Vallée de la Marne - Harvester-Handler - Family House

Our story

Champagne Philippe Gamet was born from a common heritage & a love story between the Right Bank & Left Bank of the Marne Valley, where Fabienne & Philippe met and merged in 1992. Both guided by the ambition of their parents and grandparents to make Champagne a region rich in winegrowers. Today they work with their children, Jean-François and Marianne. With four generations, Gamet has preserved traditional viticulture while cultivating modernity. In ecological transition, Philippe Gamet practices sustainable and rational viticulture, in the process of working his vineyard in biodynamics.

Other little stories

A passion passed on from our parents and a common desire to create champagnes in our image lead us to make them as natural as possible. We limit treatments in the vineyards, we encourage grassing and ploughing and in order to keep the champagne as pure as possible, we reduce the addition of sugar to our wines!

Our round, powerful and fruity Champagnes, made from our black grapes, are found in a very specific segment, of which our 100% Milling Rosé de Saignée, a real niche product, is the most representative!

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