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Anecdotes about the domain

Franck Météyer, a good pupil of his ancestors, perpetuates the ancient viticultural practices that have been passed on to him. To preserve the harvest in case of spring frost, some vines are pruned in March to delay the beginning of vegetation growth. Enamelled steel vats are used to ensure perfect micro-oxidation of the wine. Franck Météyer is one of the 10% of winemakers who block malolactic fermentation. This method, which is difficult to control, allows the natural freshness of the grapes to be preserved, thus offering a frank attack and length in the mouth. A long natural ageing on laths characterizes Météyer's Cuvées by a minimum of 3 years for the non-vintage cuvées and up to 12 years for the Vintages.
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The domain's short story

Our Champagne house was the first independent winery to receive the "Pierre Cheval de l'Embellissement" prize awarded by UNESCO. This distinction is an infinite recognition for the work we provide every day in the vineyard. Since 1860, Champagne Météyer Père et Fils is a house of harvesting and handling which elaborates top-of-the-range vintages and respectful of the environment. We vinify our juices in a sustainable way and respecting the champagne methods. We are also open to visitors and offer a warm, artistic and cultural welcome. You will be able to visit our family museum which will make you discover the various stages of the champagne wine making.

The winemaker's pride

The Maison Météyer runs a 14-hectare vineyard in the commune of Trélou-sur-Marne, on the banks of the Marne. We work our plots of land with our family according to the methods of sustainable viticulture (in conversion HVE): we preserve the plants and animals which have chosen to live in the vineyard. Franck Météyer, from the 5th generation of winemakers in the family, manages the estate and works the classic Champagne grape varieties: Meunier, which represents more than half of the vineyard, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Some of our vines are more than 70 years old and allow the elaboration of our great vintages with the Meunier. We offer 10 cuvées to the amateurs of fine champagne bubbles, from the vintage to the complex blends through the excellent mono-varieties. All our wines express the richness of our terroir. It is composed of clay-limestone soil which we grass. The southern exposure of the vineyard is ideal to have a good maturation of the grapes. The selective sorting of our grapes associated with the good maturation of the grapes allows us to produce good vintages with zero dosage for always more fruit!
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