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Family estate located in EPERNAY, Capital of Champagne! Come and discover the vintages of our terroir marked by a long ageing process revealing all their typicities.

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(51) Marne

Our story

A family history. At the beginning of Maison Patrick Boivin, there are our parents, Marie-Madeleine and Patrick. She, the granddaughter of winegrowers from Cumières, and he, the boy from Paris, will realize a dream by laying the first stones of the company and developing it. Today, they are gradually handing over to my sister and me, two girls, two traits of character, two visions of Champagne. Our vineyard covers six hectares mainly in the Marne Valley, on the southern slopes of Épernay, in parcels classified as premier cru such as the villages of Pierry and Cumières. In 2019, the release of our special vintage from a closed complantation located around the family home in Épernay, Capital of Champagne.

Other little stories

Extremely grateful to our parents for having built this domain, we want to continue to develop it with the modernity of our time and to transmit it to our turn. These memories of our childhood, the passion for our region, our land and our champagnes are our leitmotiv. We look forward to welcoming you in our cellar in Epernay to share and exchange around our vintages.

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