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Champagne Philipponnat

A champagne is above all a wine

The Maison Philipponnat is located in the communes of Ay and Mareuil-sur-Ay with 17 hectares of vines. One of the parcels is different from the others because it is the steepest of Champagne (45°), pr...

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(51) Marne

With its own vision, the House produces wines with a winy, intense and fresh style. Here, we consider that a champagne is above all a wine! Thus, the grapes are harvested more ripe than the average with a minimum of intervention during the elaboration and ageing of the juices.

Our story

Our company quickly distinguished itself in the region: we are the first to provide all the technical information on back labels!

Today, I am in charge of the estate and represent the 16th generation. I am fortunate to be able to take advantage of an exceptional vineyard to cultivate the vine: the Clos des Goisses. Facing due south on the hillsides, I get a single-cru champagne that breaks the customs of the region and has contributed to the reputation of our house!

Other little stories

The champagne is blended according to the solera principle, which allows a continuous blending. Let me explain: we stack our barrels in different rows according to their age and profile. The row closest to the ground (the "solera") is that of the oldest wines. We bottle some of the solera barrels, which we then fill with the juice from the barrels above called "criadera" and so on. This method allows us to control the quality of our champagnes, giving them generosity and complexity. Thus, our champagnes have their own style, and their identity is the true guiding principle of our House!

For us, producing Champagne is above all FUN! I would even say that it is a pleasure to please. By creating a wide range, our champagnes can accompany you for any occasion with friendliness! We have chosen simple and authentic packaging because we are convinced that the best marketing element is inside the bottle!

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