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Champagne Ponson

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Deceiving with your vineyard doesn't count!

The Champagne Ponson vineyard is only located in the first growth villages of "La Petite Montagne" in Reims (vineyard facing Reims). Clayey-calcareous soils with a more or less deep depth...

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The Champagne Ponson vineyard is only located in the first growth villages of "La Petite Montagne" in Reims (vineyard facing Reims). The clay-limestone soils with a more or less important depth according to the altitude, make this hillside, an ideal place for all the Champagne grape varieties. Committed to various approaches to respect the environment, our vineyard is almost entirely grassed and totally worked with ploughs, the objective was to give life back to our soils so that they can reveal all their secrets to us. Seven years later, during ploughing, the birds follow us to feed on the fauna that has colonized these soils (earthworms, diptera, beetles...). Through this work we have entered into a virtuous circle, because the organic matter offered by the vine manages to degrade, which means that we bring more mineral fertilizers that pollute. The grassing has lowered yields to offer us grapes with more materials and therefore more taste. To enhance these grapes, we decided to organize three quality control stages during the harvest before they enter the press. We have opted for a vinification that contains no external aromas, limits pumping and reduces oenological inputs. As a result, our Champagne will tell you the story of its terroir.

Our story

Champagne Ponson is the 5th generation of manipulating harvesters from the Maison Ponson, it succeeds Champagne Pascal Ponson. Camille, son of Pascal Ponson and I (Maxime) have decided to take over the House to continue writing this story. Both from the wine schools of Montpellier and Beaune respectively, our philosophy is: "to make a good wine you need good grapes". So the priorities are: respect for the vine, the soil and the environment, which changes from the old generations who had to leave school early and were asked to produce, but who follow us in this change of philosophy.

Other little stories

Today being a winegrower is not a profession, it is a passion! It is lived as "a loving relationship": when the vine goes wrong, we go wrong and when it goes right, we are happy. The love we have for her is measured by the work we do to keep her healthy, even if we like her to suffer a little (water stress, green harvesting...) so that she gives us the best she has to offer. As the son of a winegrower, passion was probably born the day I was born! I have always been surrounded by vines, working in the vineyards, that's all I know how to do. I improve every time I drink wine that I discuss with winegrowers and being in love with my profession, I have admiration for many winegrowers.

I have a confidence that is a matter of contention with my wife: I cannot go on holiday in a place where there is no vine. With this description, she's really going to think I'm cheating on her with the vine! What transports me the most in wine are the infinite, gustatory sensations that it can offer over the years, the terroirs, the grape varieties, the microclimates... but it goes much further still, because there are the encounters that we make and that we dare thanks to wine. What saddens me the most is that I would never be able to taste everything.

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Champagne Ponson
 2 reviews
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