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Château de Bois-Brinçon

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Leading edge biodynamist

A pure expression of the terroir, the vineyard is spread over 6 communes and 8 different terroirs: Sandstone, Limestone, Marl, Spilite, Rhyolite... Vinified and aged separately in order to preserve your wine....

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(49) Maine-et-Loire

Our vineyard has been cultivated in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture for more than 10 years now. Our luck, the diversity of our terroirs, we are located in 2 geological zones: the Paris basin on one side and the Armorican massif on the other. Each cuvée bears the name of the place where it comes from.

Our story

Blaison Gohier is home to Château de Bois-Brinçon, a wine estate founded in 1219 by Hôpital Saint Jean d'Angers. Belonging to the Cailleau family for 5 generations, the vineyard was entrusted to Géraldine and Xavier in 1991.

Other little stories

We attach particular importance to respect for our terroir: the estate is spread over 6 different municipalities. This is why the Bois-Brinçon vineyard has been certified in Organic Agriculture since 2009 and has been moving towards Biodynamic Agriculture since 2009, and we are certified in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture by Ecocert.

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