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Château de la Selve

Located in the heart of the scrubland in the south of the Ardèche, we work in organic and biodynamic methods... In the vineyards, our objective is to promote the life of the soil and the natural defences...

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(07) Ardèche

Château de la Selve : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Visit and tasting

We propose a special moment during which you will go through the history of the estate and then the stages of wine making, starting with the vine, continuing through the vat room and ending in the cellar. O...
1h30  |  from 2 to 30 | 12€00 / Adults

Picnic winegrower in the woods

Why not share a "Picnic Basket" after your walk in the vineyards? Settle down in the shade of the oaks, in the small woods facing the castle... We have prepared for you a gourmet basket with Ardèche flavours...
2h  |  from 2 to 16 | 17€00 / Adults
Château de la Selve
Château de la Selve
07120, Grospierres
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