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Château de L'Hurbe

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From the cooperative cellar to the harvesting and handling profession

Château de L'Hurbe has been a family property since 1921. It is in an 18th century building, with a body of buildings surrounding a shaded park, that we welcome you for a visit...

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(33) Gironde

Our vineyard is located in Saint-Laurent-d'Arce and covers 29 hectares, 12 of which are in the Côtes de Bourg appellation. Our soils are mainly clayey-limestone with a clay subsoil. Here, we cultivate the land as a family: Marc and Agnès are now supported by their son Vincent who will take over the estate when they leave.

The vineyard's grape varieties are classic from Bordeaux with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a little Malbec. For the whites, Sauvignon and Sémillon are used. We offer wine lovers a wide range of products from the vine. For alcoholics, we have red, white, rosé, clairet and also a crémant. We also offer a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage and grape juice. You will therefore necessarily find what you need when you switch to the domain!

Our story

The Château de l'Hurbe has had a turbulent history. During the crisis that struck the French vineyards at the beginning of the 20th century, the Hurbe was devastated and a cooperative cellar was created on site. The wine was previously produced at the château.

In 1990, Marc Bousseau took over the estate and made the decision to make his own wines. He began a major renovation of the buildings but also of the vat room, which he rebuilt entirely in stainless steel to accommodate more modern winemaking techniques such as the thermoregulation of the vats.

Together, Agnès and Marc restored the estate's reputation and relaunched the commercial activity of the estate. They develop by selling to individuals and create a direct sales space at the castle. Today it is Vincent who is learning alongside his parents in order to take over the leadership of the operations when his parents leave.

Other little stories

Château de l'Hurbe is recognized abroad thanks to Vincent's work on exports. The consecration of this work is the visit of Nelson Chow in 2017. This great gentleman of wine is none other than the President of the Sommeliers of Hong Kong and China!

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