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Chateau de Montalbret

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A Mountain in Saint-Emilion....

Château de Montalbret is a family business, which has been going on for VI generations now in the Montagne Saint-Emilion appellation. Since 2014, it is my turn to produce my wines for the...

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(33) Gironde

Château de Montalbret is a family estate, named Montagne Saint-Emilion. The soils are mainly clayey-limestone and clayey-sandy. The estate's grape varieties are mainly 80% Merlot, with 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, giving it an elegant, fruity wine with a discreet tannic base.

Our story

Driven by the same passion as my grandmother from a very young age, and after a BTS Viti-Oeno, I decided to take over the family property in 2014, spread over two appellations: Montagne - Saint-Emilion: 3.80 Ha "Château de Montalbret" and Bordeaux Supérieur: 4 Ha "Château la Chapelle de Bayard".

Other little stories

The experience of my grandparents combined with my new perspective on the world of wine, are the foundations of my work that give my wine: openness, balance, originality and authenticity. The know-how that I have known and that I continue to develop within my domain allows a continuous improvement of each of my vintages. I am only at the beginning of my winegrower's career and my greatest pleasure: working my vines, making and sharing my wine. The soil on which I flourish is characterized by an essentially calcareous soil with a good clayey presence. The latter allows the Merlot to exploit all the resources available underground, it is also the natural and predominant grape variety of the region. It is completed by cabernets, malbec and petit verdot.

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