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Château de Nages - Famille Gassier

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You don't inherit land, you borrow it from your children

Located in the Rhodanian region, Château de Nages is the birthplace of the Gassier family. Loved and respected, this land is exploited in organic agriculture, by the 4th generation in charge of the development of the...

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Established in Rhodanian soil, the Château de Nages is the cradle of the Gassier family. Loved and respected, this land is farmed organically, by the 4th generation in charge of the estate today, in order to express the best of it. Before reaching this point, the Gassier family had to question approaches, routines and sometimes even the rejection of unsuitable rules, but this is also what characterises the spirit of Château de Nages today: the freedom to think and create. That's what the Liberty line represents.

Our story

The result of the passage of the Liberty range was not quantified in a unit of measurement, it was quite simply a radical change, a new opening towards the future... Many tried to find qualifiers for it. We talked about open-mindedness, barriers removed, associations of new ideas, revolutionary assemblies. And from this breath that had passed over the Château de Nages, as well in the minds of Tina, Michel, their whole family and their teams, a way of being, of loving, of thinking, of sharing, of making wine was born.

Other little stories

For Michel Gassier, "we do not inherit a land, we borrow it from our children". This is why they have been managing their vineyards organically for many years now. This ethic is at the basis of their foundations, from their cultivation in the vineyard, in the cellar and up to bottling.... for the greatest respect of our environment.

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