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Château Gaudrelle Vouvray

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Chasing the natural, and it comes back at a gallop

In the heart of the Loire Valley, our winery produces AOC Vouvray wines on 20 hectares of vines planted mainly with Chenin Blanc, which are in conversion to agricultural production....

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(37) Indre-et-Loire

In the heart of the "Loire Valley", our winery produces AOC Vouvray wines on 20 hectares of vines planted mainly with Chenin blanc.

By converting to organic farming, we promote biodiversity and bring the land back to life by working the soil. In order not to compact the soil, we also use animal traction with horses in the "Les Gués d'Amand" plot.

In the cellar we have chosen to limit the external contributions in our wines. We harvest and vinify in biocontrol, which means that we use natural mechanisms to fight against harmful organisms. Sulphur is reduced to a minimum. Everything is done to produce increasingly expressive white wines that will give you more and more pleasure.

The Chateau Gaudrelle team has embarked on a new project that gives more meaning to our work. Nature and mankind are at the heart of our thinking and we are accentuating our evolution by launching this year the management of a biodynamic plot. We have to be aware that this path requires a lot of effort and commitment, but the first results encourage us to persevere. Many of our customers are accompanying us and adhering to our project, we are counting on you so come and meet us, visit our estate and taste our wines.

Eric Pasquier

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