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Château Hourtin-Ducasse

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Bees feel good there

17 adjoining plots form the vineyard; each with its own particularities. From the right hive and the left hive which run along the access to the estate and which will welcome bees in spring as far as Figu...

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(33) Gironde

Château Hourtin-Ducasse, located in the commune of Pauillac, produces Haut-Médoc. Two former owners, in the 18th and 19th centuries, Messrs Hourtin and Ducasse, gave it its name. It was in 1976 that we decided to start viticulture and took over the vineyard as a family. For 20 years, we have been applying conservation farming techniques that borrow certain techniques from biodynamics or organic farming. In addition to our determination to preserve the richness of our terroir and our desire to respect our environment, we are convinced that we can improve the quality of our wines in this way. 17 adjoining parcels form the vineyard, each with its own particularities. From the right and left hives, which run along the access to the estate on either side and will welcome bees in the spring, to the Fig tree on which we enjoy the fruits of this magnificent century-old tree, not forgetting the Charms that run along the forest, each one brings its own character to our blend wine.

Our story

We are in favour of household peace. Michel takes care of the red, Château Hourtin-Ducasse, Haut-Médoc, and Marie (-Noëlle) of the rosé, Les Roses de Marie. Each one has his own domain, even if the fight is sometimes a little rough on the distribution of Cabernet Franc (we both love this grape variety). Fortunately, we have a great team to work with and to decide between us. And for the past year, our youngest child has been called noGGIN. It is a spirit drink produced from wines that we do not keep in the blend; it has all the characteristics of gin. "In 1976, I managed to convince my father, who wanted to build a common professional history with me, to buy a few vines rather than cows (and yes!), my wife quite naturally joined me afterwards, and I hope my children, in a while..." Our objective is to find the character of the vintage every year. Nature never offers us the same thing (rain, sunshine, wind, temperature...). Then, both in the vineyard and during blending or in the barrels, we accompany this fruit to allow it to reveal itself. Each vintage of Château Hourtin-Ducasse will therefore be very different.

Other little stories

Advertiser for Marie-Noëlle, Centralien for Michel, Parisian both, we were far from a life in a vineyard. But we already loved wine, sharing it and talking about it! So, little by little, we learned, we trained and we took the big leap. To Bordeaux, with the children under our arms! Each vintage of Château Hourtin-Ducasse is an encounter. For 3 years, we accompany him in the vineyards, in the cellars, we seek his character, his particularities to magnify him. As with our children, we find ourselves a little bit in each of them: the delicacy of 2007, the roundness of 2009, the seriousness of 2010, the elegance of 2011, the complexity of 2016...

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