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Chateau de Monbadon

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The Count is good, especially about wine...

Château du Rocher: Saint Emilion Grand Cru Bio, Château de Monbadon: Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Bio, Château Lagrange Monbadon: Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux Bio (

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(33) Gironde

We have owned and managed the Châteaux Monbadon and Lagrange Monbadon (Côtes de Bordeaux) for 400 years... and the succession is ensured by my niece's 5 young sons! One generation is 25 years for official statistics: the calculation is therefore easy to do! Many of our family members legitimately served our country, and therefore managed these lands in the second part of their lives: Laurent de Lafaurie, baron, then count of Monbadon, former colonel, thus became the first mayor of Bordeaux under the Empire.

The Lagrange Monbadon castle is nestled at the foot of the feudal castle of Monbadon. Both are located in the commune of Monbadon-Puisseguin, about forty kilometres from Bordeaux.
Adjacent to the village church built in the 11th century, the 30-hectare vineyard is located on a clayey-limestone soil resting in many places on a rocky bottom giving the wine produced there its sap, colour and suppleness.

Our story

The Château de Monbadon, built in 1330 on the orders of the King of England, is the second highest point in Gironde. The polyculture of the past has given way to horses and a hunting reserve populated in particular by pheasants, hares and roe deer, whose chance encounter enhances the walk. We are particularly concerned about this biodiversity, which will ensure a healthy and balanced transmission in the future.

In order to perpetuate the traditions strongly anchored in this domain, the castle has seen a herd of cows return to some unplanted plots. In the 19th century, the castle produced dairy products and in particular highly renowned butter.

Other little stories

Generations follow one another at the head of our operations, but we ensure that their training takes place first in other sectors, and why not abroad. Thus, everyone is rich in new experiences. In 2009, in order to ensure good health, we opted for organic viticulture and have been Ecocert certified since the 2012 vintage. Always concerned about the environment, we are also certified ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). Our vines thus regain their colour and a natural population of micro-organisms and insects.

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