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Château Pas du Cerf

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The Gold of the Moors!

A family estate since 1848, the Gualtieri perpetuate the trend that the estate is transmitted from mother to daughter! Today it is Geneviève, Patrick and their 3 daughters who lead this project....

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Our story

It is necessary to go back more than eight generations to explain the name of this Domain! In 1533, Francis I stayed at noon to celebrate his son's wedding. The Châtelain d'Hyères, Count of Provence, invited the king to hunt deer on his land. Forced by the relief, the King decided to pursue a deer at a walking pace. With his 6'4" he's taking big steps! A very large deer is killed. In homage to François 1st, the inhabitants of Hyères call from the place: "Pas du Cerf".

Other little stories

Concerned about preserving the privileged environment and biodiversity of this 700 hectare forest that surrounds us, we are leading the vineyard in sustainable agriculture, certified AB since 2013 on 8 hectares and in conversion BIO on the rest of the property. The gravity cellar receives the grapes harvested at night and sorted, preserving the quality of the grain. A good wine goes through a beautiful grape...

The particularity of the estate is that it has been passed on by women. 8 generations of winegrowers, 6 of whom are women! The story continues with the 3 daughters of Geneviève Gualtieri who inherited this estate from her father... We are often told that the estate should have been called Le Pas de la Biche!

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