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Château Trillol

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You will find your happiness around the Oak!

The forty-five hectare vineyard which extends from the Cucugnan valley, passing through Duilhac-sous-Peyreperuse and going up to Rouffiac-des-Corbières, on sunny and rocky slopes in...

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The forty-five hectare vineyard, which extends from the Cucugnan valley, through Duilhac-sous-Peyreperuse and up to Rouffiac-des-Corbières, on sunny and rocky hills at an altitude of more than four hundred metres, offers grapes that have slowly ripened, maturing the tannins. The grape varieties that make up the blends will be Carignan, Syrah and Grenache. The white man will have the privilege of having a majority of Roussane, a beautiful lady with such particular aromas, accompanied by the Maccabeu. The rosé, which comes from a bleeding of grenache, remains pale in colour with grenadine aromas. Dug deep into the rocky ground of shale and sandstone arena, the vines will draw minerals and the little freshness from the deepest depths to concentrate them in the grapes. Structured and balanced wines with round tannins and surprising finesse, a delight for all lovers of high corbières.

Our story

Owned by the Sichel family, Henri and I arrived more than twenty years ago to manage the estate, from the vine to the sale. Over the years we have found wines that are similar to us: frank, generous and well balanced. Our range has grown over the years and research has focused on the very essence of what this natural environment could offer the best. Constantly respecting the natural life of these beautiful mountain valleys, our reasoned and thoughtful approach takes into consideration a sustainable and healthy future for the territory. Like many of our winegrower friends, we are passionate about our terroir, those enthusiasts who are not afraid to explore the difficult paths to do even better. As much as Henri will be the man of technology and blending, Martine seeks to satisfy any customer wishing to share her common passion for wine. With the help of our small hands, very efficient and attentive to detail, we are proud of what we have accomplished!

Other little stories

While a plot was being cleaned for Carignan planting, we found a young holm oak tree in the middle of the plot. We decided to leave it there, even if it took up space, eating part of the land where we could have planted additional vines. There is no need to say "they are fadas with Trillol"... Today this magnificent oak tree extends its branches, inviting you to a picnic under its reassuring shade and is visible from all over the valley. It has naturally become the symbol of our estate.

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