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Château de Viella

(20 ratings)
Wines that have style

Since the middle of the 20th century, the Bortolussi family has owned this vineyard, which consists of 25 hectares of vines classified as AOP Madiran (20ha) and Pacherenc du Vic Bilh (5ha). It gives...

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Château de Viella : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Let's meet!

(13 ratings)
Come and meet us in all simplicity. Why not start with a fun and artistic stroll along our hiking trail "Les Jardins d'Aure", an opportunity to understand the rhythm of the vine, contemplate the slopes of Ge...
1h  |  up to 15 | Gratuit

Oeno-gourmet breads

(7 ratings)
In a friendly and warm atmosphere, come and discover the world of wine accessible to all. During tastings accompanied by gourmet sandwiches, come and enjoy the wine in all simplicity.
1h30  |  from 5 to 50 | 8€00 / Adults

My own Madiran!

Accompanied by the estate's oenologist, test tubes by hand and while respecting the rules of the Madiran PDO, it is up to you to create your ideal cuvée! Discover in a fun and educational way the basics ...
1h30  |  up to 30 | 45€00 / Adults
Château de Viella
54 Chemin Delalariou
32400, Viella
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