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Champagne Christophe Mignon

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(51) Marne

Our story

"To accompany nature, through nature, for nature..." This is our philosophy on our 6.5 hectares of vineyards located in Festigny and Le Breuil, in the heart of the Marne Valley. "The history of the estate began in 1882, and for 5 generations of passionate winegrowers have followed one another... the sixth generation is currently being trained in a viticulture school with the aim of taking over the family estate in a few years' time... Some of the approaches used by our ancestors, now called "alternatives", are part of our daily lives at the estate. We work the soil, we dynamize preparations, we respect the lunar calendar, we use homeopathy and phytotherapy, we also respect the principles of geobiology. Even if we work in harmony with nature, we have chosen not to ask for organic or biodynamic certifications, and with zero dosage, we produce our Champagnes with passion and patience, according to the rules of a tradition that goes back more than a century. Our heart grape variety is Pinot Meunier, which we have been working on in a completely single variety range for more than 25 years (with the exception of our Blanc de Blancs cuvée, for which we only use Chardonnay...)

Other little stories

"As a winegrower, I do not reproduce a universal recipe. I develop, as I go along, by adapting and exchanging every day with the soil, the plant and the cycles of the seasons. I observe...I am present...I am patient: a sharp eye...a trained hand and a wise mind are my tools. My gesture is thoughtful, attentive and respectful of my terroir and my wines."

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