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Clos de Grange Vieille

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(33) Gironde

Our story

The Clos de Grange Vieille is a story of transmission, the transmission of these family vines to Ghislaine and Gérard 30 years ago, then to me by them 4 years ago. It is also the transmission of a vision and a duty. It is also the transmission of a vision and a duty, that of always respecting this nature which has always been worked with gentleness, which in 50 years has never seen a weedkiller, but just the tools, the smile and the effort, and since 2008, the measured step of the horses. It is the will to be organic 20 years ago, rather rare in this Medoc so wet, so oceanic, and to integrate the principles of biodynamics in this small 3 hectare estate since 2008.

Other little stories

As a child, I used to say very seriously: "When I grow up I will make wine! After having satisfied other passions in communication and publishing, I finally came to wine, thanks to a series of happy coincidences and chances seized in flight.

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