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Clos Des Vins d’Amour

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Family vineyard worked with bare hands and chenillard

A family vineyard since 1860, the Clos des vins d'Amour is run by the Dornier family and extends over three magical schist soils of Tautavel, Maury and Saint Paul de Fenouillet. These terroirs are...

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(66) Pyrénées-Orientales

Clos Des Vins d’Amour : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Visit and tasting

Explanatory visit of the winery, winemaking methods and tastings of the different vintages of Clos des Vins d'Amour. ON APPOINTMENT BOOKING / 06 13 24 24 87 75
45 min  |  up to 25 | Gratuit

Visit of the vineyard, cellars and tasting

A 30-minute walk on a plot of land in the vineyard with explanations of the geology and vines. Return to the estate and visit the cellars and cellar. Tasting of the range of wines from Clos des Vins d'Am...
1h30  |  up to 20 | Gratuit

Winegrower's meal

You will first discover the vines, the cellar and the cellar, and will be guided by the explanations of our winegrower. You will then taste the complete range offered by the Clos des Vins d'Amour. This wil...
4h  |  from 10 to 25 | 25€00 / Adults
Clos Des Vins d’Amour
38 avenue Grande Bretagne