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Domaine de l'Eglisette

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The Domaine de l'Eglisette is located in the commune of Moulès et Baucels, in the Herault valley, 45 km north of Montpellier and 60 km northwest of Nîmes. Our vineyards extend over...

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The Domaine de l'Eglisette is located in the commune of Moulès et Baucels, in the Herault valley, 45 km north of Montpellier and 60 km northwest of Nîmes. Our vineyards cover an area of 17 hectares spread out around a charming 12th century Romanesque church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The estate has several red varieties and also a beautiful palette of white varieties. It is a quality grape variety where old vines of 40 years of age mix with more recent vines of 10 years of age. The location of the estate in the far north of the Terrasses du Larzac appellation is one of the particularities of our vineyard: the day/night amplitudes can reach more than 20 degrees in summer, favour the aromatic complexity of the grapes and give a particularly pleasant freshness to our wines. 4 distinct geological terroirs are present on the estate with different soil profiles, the white grape varieties are mainly planted on Valanginian clay and limestone marls while the reds develop on Quaternary stones and scree. All our wines are made in our new wine cellar built in Gard stone. Each grape variety is vinified in parcels before the final blending.

Our story

Domaine de l'Eglisette is a recent estate created in 2015 following the takeover by 3 friends of an old wine estate. Once upon a time there were 3 couples of friends, great wine lovers, with intense professional activity, who one day gave life to their aspiration: to produce quality wines, dictated by respect for a land rich in history, singular in their personality and plural in the horizons they open up... After much research, they discovered in the far north of the young Terrasses du Larzac appellation, a property that will bring together everything they dreamed of. Four very distinct terroirs, a rich palette of grape varieties, which each year face a beautiful thermal amplitude favouring aromatic complexity and a freshness of atypical wine in this land of Oc. A site where the vine is present in human memory but which has been forgotten in the impersonality of the cooperative and which must be magnified. 14 hectares of unspoilt land where they can make their mark by creating a wine cellar that reflects their image, professional and warm. A domain around a church, which dominates the vineyards and whose view is lost on the borders of the Cévennes, Mont Saint Baudille and Pic Saint Loup, to accompany them in this adventure, they gather around them the know-how and passion of a man from there, the commitment and the listening of an experienced oenologist. With them, they give themselves the time to be demanding in order to offer elegant wines. Thoughtful blends for vintages where the wine lover will be able to rediscover well marked identities over the years. And the freedom to create limited edition vintages inspired by the spirit of place and time, when the dream is embodied by a land or when under the beautiful skies a church...

Other little stories

All the names of our vintages evoke contrasts that reflect our adventure, from the choice of the estate to our own personalities. This diversity, these differences, is what makes us move forward and go further in our quest for good wine. Some obvious contrasts: we are in the North of the South, the day/night temperature variations in our area, the young trellised vines alongside the old grenaches in gobelet, it is up to you to find others!

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