Guided tasting tour in the vineyards of Boudes

Domaine Annie Sauvat - Annie Sauvat

Domaine Annie Sauvat, Loire

Annie Sauvat
Duration 3h
Adults from 6 to 20

Activity Details

Every Tuesday from July 16 to August 20, Annie, the winegrower welcomes you to the Domaine at 10 am for a guided stroll through the Boudes vineyards and a tasting of the Domaine's wines. - duration: 3 hours

Further information

  • Duration of the activity : 3h
  • Payment of the activity : Directly to the winery place

The domain

Our vineyard is located in Auvergne, in the centre of France, in the middle of the volcanoes. We cultivate a 10 hectare vineyard that is planted on the remains of a basalt flow. Our wines are produced on the Côtes d'Auvergne appellation, which is not known in France but very interesting thanks to the richness of the soils on which the vines are planted... Our vines, facing due south, take full advantage of the richness of the vines.

Domaine Annie Sauvat
Route de Dauzat
63340, Boudes utilise des cookies
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