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Domaine Castera

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The authenticity of the Pyrenean foothills!

The Lihours took over Domaine Castera in 1895 and have been tending the vineyard for five generations. Their ambition is to produce fresh and faithful wines from the terroir of the Pyrenean foothills. And so pa...

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(64) Pyrénées-Atlantiques

The Lihour family took over Domaine Castera in 1895 and has been tending the vineyard for five generations. Their ambition is to produce wines that are fresh and true to the terroir of the Pyrenean foothills. And therefore not to make universal, exuberant wines without identity. Christian and his son, Frank, are respectful of the vines and the terroir, they work without anti-rot, without acaricides and use natural fertilizers, manure, for the pleasure of the earth and the vine! The family owns various small plots spread over three locations; Tauzy, Caubegt and Les Terrasses. Respectively, 2, 8, and 1,3 ha on each. Their vintages are thus made from 4.3 ha of Gros Manseng, 6 of Petit Manseng and less than one ha of Petit Courbu.

Our story

The estate has existed since 1749, the Lihour family took over the management of the estate in 1895 and has since then continued to be a definition of the wines of the Pyrenean foothills. The identity of the terroir, the method of cultivation, and the ambition of the family forge, without a doubt, the authenticity of the domain. After having traveled the world and worked in vineyards in the four corners of the globe, Franck, strong of his experiences, comes to take over from his parents, Pierrette and Christian in 2014. Winegrowers and farmers from generation to generation, the Lehour family is an integral part of a history, a culture and an art of living that they are proud to represent! Alchemy between modernity and tradition, Frank and his father cultivate 12 hectares of vines perched at an altitude of 300 meters in respect of the land and the vines that inhabit it. To fight against the diseases that threaten each year the plots, Frank and Christian feed the vines with manure, rocks and various plants. The naturalness is always prioritized to obtain authentic wines!

Other little stories

No less than 14 micro plots, with each of the diversity of exposure, planting density and age, allow Frank and Christian to produce their precious vintages for our greatest pleasure!

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Domaine Castera
2017, Sud-Ouest - Jurançon
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