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Domaine de Cadablès

A volcanic domain!

The domain is located in an exceptional place, on the slopes of the Cadablès volcano, between the plain and the mountains. Christine and Bernard took over the estate, which was then abandoned, in 2004 and set out to develop a...

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(34) Hérault

The estate is located in an exceptional place, on the slopes of the Cadablès volcano, between the plain and the mountains. Christine and Bernard took over the estate, which had been abandoned at the time, in 2004 and set themselves the challenge of revitalizing the viticulture so that it would be in keeping with the nature of the site. They converted the estate to organic farming and produced original, complex and authentic wines from old vines and traditional Languedoc grape varieties.

Our story

Cadablès : an exceptional place located between the plain and the mountains, facing south, in the Hérault. Wild landscape, preserved nature, the domain of 30 ha including 7 of vineyards where we practice organic and agro-ecological agriculture in order to produce fine wines, great wines from traditional grape varieties in Languedoc... Cadablès : catapult ! The farmhouse surrounded by vines, on the slope of the volcano of Cadablès, for a clay-limestone basaltic soil, surrounded by scrubland, woods, moors.Cadablès: a range of amazing wines, complex, respectful of the environment on which they are produced. Harvested exclusively by hand in order not to crush the efforts of a year.

We immediately fell in love with this estate, which was initially dedicated to vineyards and olive trees and whose construction dates back to the 16th century. When we took over the Domaine de Cadablès in 2004, which had been abandoned for several years, the challenge was great! Not only did we have to rehabilitate these unique places, but we also had to revitalize the viticulture so that it would be in harmony with the exceptional nature of the site. Through hard work and perseverance, the Domaine de Cadabès is now able to offer you a selection of original, complex and authentic wines. The result of a dream... Now recognized by great houses in France and abroad, by great sommeliers, our wines tell our story to their drinkers because few know what is hidden behind a label. We create our wines, we write about it on our blog, to tell you about our daily life as a committed winemaker. You will find our wines here, but if you are passing through the South, don't hesitate to visit us, because here the Languedoc is authentic and can't lie. The pleasure of sharing and meeting people, because that's why we make wine. Christine and Bernard Isarn Independent winemakers.

Other little stories

"A piano was installed in the vines during a night harvest to support the hard work of friends who came to help. The atmosphere then became magical.... "Here in Cadablès nothing happens like anywhere else. Over the years, a philosophy of good living, of hedonism has been born in this exceptional place now dedicated to organic and agro-ecological culture; here in Cadablès, the exceptional wines reflect a permanent commitment, a philosophy without blush; here in Cadablès, it is a place that lives, that is reborn, as an example, a corner of the planet for which we are responsible. A poetry that flies away with the wind to widen the field of possibilities.... Just like before, quite simply.

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