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Domaine de Chantegut

The Domaine de Chantegut is a family estate created in 1959 by Rémi Marseille, my grandfather, whose specificity is reflected in a wine matured in a magnificent old Magnaneraie: Des vers à....

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From silkworms to wine glasses:Domaine de Chantegut was created by our grandfather in 1959 in a beautiful old Magnaneraie in the Vacqueyras area near Avignon.we have 20 Ha in AOP Vacqueyras, and we produce this appellation in 3 colors! You know the red wine, but have you ever tasted the white and the rosé? The grape varieties are essentially black and white Grenache, Syrah and Roussane. The vines are located in the garrigues on a clay-limestone soil, close to the Dentelles de Montmirail and the Mont Ventoux.we also produce IGP Méditerrannée wine on 30 Ha and in all its forms: a light and fruity we cultivate Viognier, Grenache gris, Muscat, Chardonnay and Merlot.we work all our land under the High Environmental Value label (HVE)

Our story

What characterizes us? The wine cellar and our terroir. The cellar is located in an old magnaneraie. The cellar is located in an old magnaneraie, a huge stone building that was used in the 18th century to raise silkworms. All year long our wines are worked and preserved in an ideal temperature! As in these cocoons from which the butterflies emerge, our wines are transformed in their tanks to come out metamorphosed.Our specificity is translated by rigorous choices, from the planting of the vine to the bottling.The terroir that gives our wines an extraordinary aromatic richness, combining both character and finesse.Convinced that the vine needs freedom to assert itself once in the bottle, we want to let it express itself to the maximum. A living terroir, full of vigor and concerned about the environment, it is our role to make it live.

Other little stories

Because we love family stories that never end! 3 years ago, our uncle had the plan to sell the business since there was no successor. Out of love for the land and to perpetuate the family know-how, we chose to leave everything with my cousin without consulting each other to save the business. Today we are proud and happy to welcome curious, epicureans and professionals to the domain. Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a single day in your life. Confucius.

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