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Domaine de la Piffaudière

(29 ratings)
A winegrower who has PIF!

Domaine de la Piffaudière is the story of an atypical estate in the Loire. Olivier, the winegrower, has been cultivating an 8-hectare vineyard located on the slopes of the Cher Valley since 2008...

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(41) Loir-et-Cher

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pif gamay


Loire , Touraine

2020, Rouge

(29 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

A little thirsty? The Gamay Pif is here to save you!

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Loire , Touraine

2019, Blanc

The word of the Winemaker:

A cuvée name not chosen at random. As we all know, wine is a living product that never stops evolving, sometimes scaring us. The ageing of this cuvée was a headache and I have....

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