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Domaine de l'Ouche Gaillard

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The Nature of the Wine

Régis and Gabriele Dansault live their passion on the 15 ha of their estate: producing wines as close to nature as possible and releasing the full potential of the wines of Montlouis sur Loire and Toura...

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(37) Indre-et-Loire

The estate operates according to the rules of organic viticulture, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
The harvest is done by hand in order to pick each bunch of grapes at the optimum of its maturity and to approach the harvest with all the gentleness it deserves. A harvest rich in facets: Chenin, Cabernet, Gamay, Côt, Pineau d'Aunis... Mother Nature has given us her blessing! Our winemaking method aims to bring out the very nature of the wine: observe, accompany, guide, but above all not "shape". Our yeasts are indigenous and we rarely use inputs. Each cuvée is unique, each vintage is as much a challenge as a promise!

Our story

Régis : After studying agronomy and having had his first experiences in the agricultural world, this native of Touraine settled in the wine and family business in 1984.
Gabriele : German, she fell in love with Touraine and its vineyards during her studies in human sciences, but also with the winegrower who is attached to it.... She invested in the winery while advocating, in accordance with her origins and her artistic temperament, a return to the most natural viticulture possible.
In 2008 the EARL Gabriele and Régis Dansault was born. Two years later, the whole farm is certified organic.

Other little stories

"Without is more!". This is our motto, especially since 2010, the year of our first organic and no added sulphites vintage.
Wines without inputs - more authentic wines that reveal their true nature for even more pleasure!

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