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Domaine De Montcy

The vineyard is entirely organic. Our wines are entirely produced from grapes grown in our vineyards and we carry out all the operations ourselves, from planting to bottling, in order to control all the stages of production. The vinification is natural, without yeast or enzyming, to allow a natural expression of the wine...

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Domaine De Montcy : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


The Mystery of the Golden Grape

(1 rating)
A fun and unusual itinerary for adults and children in the vineyards. With your game booklet, go for an hour and a half to discover the vineyard. The answers are revealed during the final tasting. Price: 1...
1h30  |  up to 50 | 10€00 / Adults

Visit of the cellar and wine tasting

(16 ratings)
The visit begins with a presentation of the estate and the vine cycle, then continues with the discovery of the conservatory vines. Then, visit the cellar, its functioning and the main principles of winemaki...
1h  |  from 2 to 100 | 10€00 / Adults

Tasting and Meals in front of the vines

(1 rating)
The visit and tasting of the Domaine's wines precede a meal served in the reception room "Les vignes suspendues de Cheverny", with a breathtaking view of the Domaine's vineyards. Different types of menus ca...
3h  |  from 10 to 120 | 30€00 / Adults
Domaine De Montcy
32 Route De Fougères
41700, Cheverny
Bruno V.
5 stars trustpilot
Excellent, everything went very well, I highly recommend                 We found on this site some hidden gems I couldn't find anywhere else"
5 stars trustpilot
"Clients for several years
I've only had good surprises. Wines are great, prices very competitive and shipping always stress free"
Antoine V.
5 stars trustpilot
"Les Grappes +++
Large offer of atypical wines, lot of interesting reads on the blog which help getting to know the winemaker, a strong list of Organic Wines, fast delivery. Whate else ?"
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