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Domaine de Saint Just

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The enthusiast of Saint Cyr

The Domaine was created by Yves Lambert (my father) in 1996 with this concern from the beginning to express as well as possible the Terroir of Saint-Cyr in a village in the heart of the Saumur Champigny appellation, whether it is in...

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(49) Maine-et-Loire

The Domaine was created by Yves Lambert (my father) in 1996 with this concern from the very beginning to express the Terroir de Saint-Cyr as best as possible in a village at the heart of the Saumur Champigny appellation, whether in Cabernet Franc or Chenin. I started my winegrowing career in 2005 with this qualitative objective in mind. Organic cultivation in 2009 and approved since 2012 and takeover of 8 very pretty Clos à Brézé in 2009 to extend this expression of Terroirs to Brézé. To date, the estate has 15 hectares of plots in the communes of Saint-Cyr en bourg and 15 hectares of Clos à Brézé.

Our story

I have been making wine for 11 years. Between 2005 and 2010 I cultivated the vine and made wine. In 2011, the terroirs on which I had been working for 6 years were revealed to me. Specific soils for whites in Brézé and Saint-Cyr en bourg are what I had in mind. So I totally changed my approach to the vine, the plant and especially my winemaking. The wines have become more refined, more precise, red and white with very elegant finishes.

Other little stories

We are not born winegrowers, we are interested in them, we return to the Earth through family ties and then year after year the passion seizes you or not. Passion is there when only the taste of quality, the precision in the expression of the Terroirs becomes your only objective. There is no longer a boundary between private and public life. Your job becomes a whole. For my part, the passion came quite quickly and I started to imagine my style of wine, my purity. This is also my chance, I didn't have a guru, I discovered my way on my own. Sometimes it is true that Charly Foucault has brought me light in a very delicate way on this path. Jean-Louis Foucault, known as "Charly" is one of the two winegrower brothers of the famous Clos Rougeard.

The most beautiful tastings are very often those that are improvised at the bottom of the cellars with friends. One morning I came to pick up a few bottles at Chacé with my father. Charly Foucault received us around 11am. We went up again, at 3pm after having discovered over time some pretty cuvée and some incomparable Saumur hills. Beautiful moments, a little magic. That's what keeps me going. You have to be proud of your wine but be careful without ever being complacent, nothing is certain. Today, I am writing these few lines and many things have changed. My father and Charlie died, a terrible frost just two days ago put an end to our hopes for a beautiful 2016 vintage...... and yet this plant is here before us, these Terroirs of Brézé and Saint-Cyr are magical and I will continue to work these soils in order to transmit them as best I can to the next. Nature is testing us and without passion many of us would have already returned their aprons...

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