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Domaine de Vézian

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Winegrower: a job but above all a passion!

Domaine de Vézian is located in the south of France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, between the Mediterranean Sea and Mont Canigou. Situated in the commune of Ponteilla, the vineyard of 30Ha is spread out over...

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Domaine de Vézian is located in the south of France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, between the Mediterranean Sea and Mont Canigou. Situated in the commune of Ponteilla, the 30Ha vineyard stretches over the hilly Aspres terroir. These soils resulting from the erosion of the surrounding massifs are rather poor, stony clayey limestone mixed with sandy clay which form excellent supports for quality vineyards. The vines of the Domaine de Vézian are cultivated in "minimal pruning", this process consists in pruning the vines as little as possible by only trimming them. It allows to reduce phytosanitary treatments and to produce more concentrated and fruity wines of optimal quality. A more "natural" way of controlling development: we are talking here about sustainable and reasoned agriculture! Domaine de Vézian's terroirs are home to a wide variety of grape varieties, which allows us to make complex blends and offer you wines with character. The wines produced vary according to the grape varieties used. White wines: Sauvignon, white and grey Grenache, Macabeu. Red wines: Pinot noir, Grenache noir, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Marselan and Caladoc. Rosé wines : Pinot, Grenache noir, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Carignan Our commitments: --> Reasoned and sustainable viticulture: An alternative to conventional viticulture associated with NO pruning. This approach reduces phytosanitary treatments and sulphites by 50% (MJG Briu: 85mg/L of wine / authorized doses: 200mg/L of wine). non-pruning produces smaller and healthier grapes to produce quality, fruity wines with optimal colour. --> Zero glyphosate, zero pesticides and insecticides: surveys carried out in March 2019 have shown that our soils contain no glyphosate residues and our grapes no pesticides and insecticides (COFRAC-March 2019 analyses). In short, a healthy environment producing quality grapes and wine !--> Label Origine France Garantie (BV Cert. 6012059) : Pioneer in this approach, as early as 2015 Domaine de Vézian was the first winegrowing estate to be labelled Origine France Garantie. This label means that the Domaine undertakes to buy all the raw materials in France, which are themselves guaranteed to be made in France. This includes: bottles, corks, labels, products, vineyard plans...

Our story

For three generations, the Bonzoms-Briu family has been raising and producing Roussillon wines at Domaine de Vézian. As a result of this family work, a strong brand was born: MJG BRIU. It takes up the name and initials of this family of winegrowers. MJG BRIU for Marie-José, Julie & Guy BRIU. For many years, the vintages of the estate have been awarded by various competitions: the Concours International de Lyon, the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, the Concours Mondial des Vins Féminalise, the Concours International Décanter World Wine Awards, the Guide des Vins Gilbert & Gaillard, the Concours des Vins ELLE à table...

Other little stories

Guy Briu, winegrower and manager of the estate: "Being a winegrower is a gamble to be taken up, an eternal challenge that requires a strong commitment throughout the year. I wanted to take up this challenge by giving up my position as sales manager for household appliances. My first steps were laborious, but working the land, looking after the vines, especially during times of uncertainty depending on the weather, and then taking care of them, always keeping in touch with my new working environment, have revealed to me the art of the winegrower's profession, which is to opt for a job of passion.

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