Visit & Wine Tasgting & Delicatessen Meats and Cheese

Domaine des Frontières - Jérémy THIEN

Domaine des Frontières, 172

Jérémy THIEN
Duration 1h30
Adults from 2 to 20

Activity Details

After a guided tour of the vineyards and the wine storehouse, you will be received at the cellar for a tasting of the estate's wines accompanied by the traditional mâchon beaujolais (a board of cold meats and cheese).

Further information

  • Duration of the activity : 1h30
  • Payment of the activity : Directly to the winery place
  • accepted animals : Yes
  • Picnic area : Yes

The domain

When Jeremy THIEN decided in 2012 to go and nestle in his hills on the borders of Beaujolais and Mâconnais, it was to wear three hats: that of the producer, the winegrower and the wine merchant. These three trades, he decided to assume them as a craftsman to achieve what he will call the turn of his life...

Domaine des Frontières
62 chemin de la rivière - Les Chanoriers
pour les visites, le rendez-vous se fait sur place de fontaine, au village
69840, Jullié



Visit & Wine Tasting

After a tour in our vineyard and winery, we propose a tasting of our wines at the cellar.
1h  |  from 2 to 20 | 7€00 / Adults