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Domaine du Salut

(88 ratings)
A great greeting to wine lovers

Aurélia and Frédéric want their wines to be wines for friends, to share and to drink. There is room for any type of product but it seems important to them to keep the pleasure simple...

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(33) Gironde

Domaine du Salut : Buy Wines Directly from the Winegrower

Du 30-07-2020 au 16-08-2020
Le domaine est actuellement fermé pour cause de congés.
Votre commande sera traitée à partir de la réouverture.

Bordeaux , Graves

2018, Blanc

(35 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

This wine reveals its gravelly soil, freshness and fruitiness.

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Bordeaux , Graves

2017, Rouge

(46 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

Selected by Jacques Dupont in the September 2017 Special Wine Point (noted 15.5/20)! The structure at the service of the fruit!

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Bordeaux , Graves

2018, Rouge

The word of the Winemaker:

round, flexible, structured and so chic on a table!

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Bordeaux , Cérons

2016, Blanc

(7 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

Let's consider the micro-denomination of the Bordeaux nugget! And a wine selected in the guide "Choisir son vin: Super facile!" published by Solar.

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