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Domaine Eblin-Fuchs

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An Alsatian tradition!

In Alsace as elsewhere, winegrowers frequent the daughters of winegrowers and vice versa. This is how Henri-Joseph Eblin and his beautiful muse Marie-Madeleine Fuchs founded their family in Zellenbe...

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(68) Haut-Rhin

In Alsace as elsewhere, winegrowers frequent the daughters of winegrowers and vice versa. This is how Henri-Joseph Eblin and his beautiful muse Marie-Madeleine Fuchs founded their family in Zellenberg, a village perched high up between Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé. And it is in the mutual respect of their ancestors that the domain that bears their two names, the Eblin-Fuchs domain, was born. Zellenberg is a privileged location for vine growing. The Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Luxeuil, great discoverers of the terroirs, enjoyed themselves there as early as the ninth century. Between Divine service "opus dei" and that of wine "opus vini" there was no great way. The outcrop of different geological stages of the secondary era form a mosaic that is favourable to many rich terroirs and different around the hill. The holding and complexity of the wines resulting from these exposures is enhanced by the confidence of the winegrower by balancing them naturally and comforting them in the biodynamic management of the vineyard (certified by Demeter). Who would doubt that the things of nature are tried and tested and full of common sense. Is it only the arrogant one to pretend to do better. The use of preparations and plants allows us to encourage biological activity, especially in soils, the matrices of life. Our wish is not to lovingly rock the vine that undulates on our hills. Of course, this means more work, but nothing can replace the winegrower's calloused hand. The battle with herbs and other plants is endless, but biodiversity is at this price. And the profusion of lives is the beginning of the harmony of nature's subjects. Especially during the harvest, special care is given to the grapes. The small hands must be skillful in choosing the most beautiful grains that will go to the press and discard the others. Because the grapes will no longer be subjected to any further crushing other than that of the machine's membranes. The harvest is pressed for a long time, gradually and completely to obtain a clear and rich juice.

Our story

Of course all the grandparents and ancestors were winegrowers, what else could we do in a place blessed with such generous vineyard slopes. It was only natural to persevere in this passion that sticks to our bodies. As it is normal to live in our time and to formally affirm our naturalistic convictions through cultural and oenological methods through ambitious and progressive certification such as organic and biodynamic agriculture. And of course, if it is to be taken seriously, it is guaranteed by Demeter.

Other little stories

The land and the sun are the winegrower's capital. However, singularly none of this is his. Saint-Exupéry said that the earth belongs to our children and the sun has no other master than Helios who pulls it through the firmament to the reins of its famous quadrille. The young winegrower spontaneously feels invested with the mission of enhancing the value of his parents' legacy and quite naturally he wears the clothes of fervour. He falls into it as the popular language says. And blossoms between vines and barrels under the watchful eye of his elders who transmit to him the taste of a job well done and animate in him the quest for the ideal wine. From the work of his hands he obtains this nectar which, in an unequalled and rewarding way, will delight the hearts and souls around him.

Wine brings joy, it conveys harmony. Each cuvée is unique and beneficial for different reasons. It is a medicine for the body and mind. Isn't producing a digestible and nutritious wine as rewarding as a product worn by the media or wine competitions with stars and medals? Isn't a bottle whose price is equivalent to what's in the bottle worth more than a known label propelled by advertising? Who wouldn't want customers who know how to choose wisely? Making friends and customers happy, what a great job.

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