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Domaine GAVOTY

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The art of rosé

The estate, located on the historic site that is VIA AURELIA, has been owned by the family since 1806. Since 1985, Roselyne Gavoty has been in charge of the wine making process and has already brought her desire...

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Our story

Located on VIA AURELIA, the Campdumy estate "fields of the harvest" in old Provençal has a rich historical past, as evidenced by some Roman remains: a milestone dating back to NERON (58 A.D.) has been found on the estate! Eight generations have followed one another on the estate, in search of a wine that expresses the very expression of its unique terroir.

Other little stories

"Our family, vines dating back to the 16th century, a historical site... the very essence of our estate and our work is to promote rosé, this misunderstood wine. If our reputation was first built thanks to our whites who have acquired unanimous recognition from the greatest restaurants, we are nevertheless committed to making you taste a rosé that will only delight your taste buds..."

"A critical colleague of Bernard Gavoty's at Le Figaro made our wines talk like this: "the famous conductors, the most famous virtuosos, the most eminent composers would have fought to have a Clarendon, a Gavoty". All the requirements required for the musician's quest for perfection in music or art in general are then comparable to those of the winegrower in the production of his wines. "

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