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Domaines Tatin

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A quincy to fall backwards

In the heart of central France between the Cher and the Indre, Les Domaines Tatin vineyards stretch along the banks of the Cher for the Sauvignons blancs de Quincy and along the banks of the Arnon for the Pinots noir, the Pinots gris and the Sauvignons blancs de Reuilly. Jean slowly passes the baton on to his youngest daughter Maroussia.

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(18) Cher

Our story

Trained agricultural engineers, Jean and Chantal returned to the Tremblay farm in 1988. They planted their first vine in 1991 on Quincy: Domaine des Ballandors was born on a sandy gravelly soil, typical of the Quincy appellation. In 2005, the Demoiselles Tatin produced their first Reuilly and Maroussia, the last of the damsels moved in 2010.

Other little stories

First harvest at 8 years old, you might think I fell into it as a child... Not wrong, but it took time and travel to decide to come back to work with my family! Winemaker from mother to daughter... first generation!

In 2014, creation of Mam'Zelles Bulles, an ancestral method to finally have a wine that goes with the Tatin pie! Well that's the theory, but in practice, this sparkling wine of Pinot gris and Pinot blanc, extra raw, is best served as an aperitif! utilise des cookies
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