Downhill from cellars

La cave du maître de poste - Romain Sorin

La cave du maître de poste, Bourgogne

Romain Sorin
Duration 1h30
Adults from 2 to 40

Activity Details

In a family estate, you will discover in a fun way the profession of winegrower from the press to the bottling, including winemaking and maturing and tasting wines in the process of being made to better understand the work done. You will walk in parallel in 14th century cellars and what was in the 18th century an old post office relay where NAPOLEON 1st on March 17, 1815 back from the Island of Elba or Alexandre DUMAS, invited by the notary Charpillon stop. Famous or unknown, you will be warmly welcomed.

Further information

  • Duration of the activity : 1h30
  • Payment of the activity : Directly to the winery place
  • accepted animals : Yes

The domain

Formerly a stagecoach relay, the estate saw Casanova change horses in June 1750. On his return from the Island of Elba, Napoleon I stopped there on March 17, 1815. Alexandre Dumas was a regular guest of the notary Charpillon, deputy mayor of Saint Bris who was his electoral agent, and in addition to our history, we know each of our soils and basements, where we adopt each foot planted to control its appearance as much as possible....

La cave du maître de poste
12 rue de paris
89530, Saint Bris le vineux



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