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The cellar is located in the commune of Saint Jean de Fos near the small village of Saint Guilhem le désert. The 10 hectares of vines are planted mainly in Terrasses du Larzac, and in Languedoc Mo...

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(34) Hérault

LA JASSE CASTEL : Buy Wines Directly from the Winegrower

Languedoc , Vin de France

2019, Rosé

The word of the Winemaker:

Terret blanc, known as monster, Terret gris, known as Bourré, and Terret noir, known as ...Terret. An ancient grape variety, planted extensively in the Languedoc, there are barely 70 hectares left today on the whole of the...

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la jasse


Languedoc , Terrasses du Larzac

2019, Rouge

The word of the Winemaker:

La Jasse cuvée is the unvarnished elegance, the accessible aristocracy of the Syrah combined with the exuberance of the Grenache.

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2019, Rouge

The word of the Winemaker:

Powerful, typical and easy to drink, a wine full of minerality, softness and depth. Hence its name.

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