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Le Clos du Notaire

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A vineyard hidden by the notary

Since the 19th century, the Clos du Notaire has been passed down from one owner to another by wine lovers and... just lovers! Today, it's Amélie and Victor, a couple at the...

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(33) Gironde

Our property has always been held by men and women of heart and character! "La Gloriette" is the property's emblematic aedicula, with a splendid view of the estuary. And we also have a plot of red clay with alluvium on the surface which, just to look at, is already splendid... so I'll let you imagine the wine she's offering! There are limestone quarries in the basement that provide freshness and constant humidity. Our vines are mainly located on light hillsides, with a beautiful southern exposure. The estuary also helps to regulate the climate and limit climatic incidents. As for grassing, it is used to control the vigour of certain plots, and above all it is a natural means of protection against erosion!

Our story

Our vines at Clos du Notaire were already mentioned in the 1874 Feret editions as second cru bourgeois. Our vineyard has always been "passed down" from passionate owners to passionate owners. Long stories have followed one another, and we want to do the same now: let our passion for this noble product be expressed by constantly improving the processes... If I took over this field, it is out of love for someone and for wine! It is a joint project with my spouse that led us to this conversion in 2011. Our profile is identical to the previous owners, 40 years ago, so we are a link with the next "lovers"! the taste of consumers is changing, and our goal is to follow the expectations of customers while keeping the expression of our beautiful terroirs. Our recent training has familiarized us with the scientific knowledge to have and modern production techniques. We can thus hope to make the most of each vintage, and adapt our wine-growing and wine-making itineraries.

Other little stories

Being a winegrower for us means first of all working in the "open" air. It also means creating a noble product from A to Z and trying to domesticate nature without wanting to tame it. And after all that, we can finally share and exchange. The passion for wine comes from our origins (Champagne and Alsace) and the taste for tasting that our parents taught us from an early age. I think that the 2015 vintage of Clos du Notaire will be the one that most represents us. For us, it is the year of all the projects, it is the one we vinified "alone" for the first time and the one where we were able to put all our heart and emotions into it. During our conversion, several meetings marked us and we made strong friendships with our colleagues in the same program and also with our trainers. More recently, we met the Young Farmers of our appellation and it is always so enriching to share our passions! my oldest memory goes back to the age of 6/7 years when I was able to taste the juices from the vats in Champagne after the harvest. I still remember the smell of the cellars or the pink biscuit of Reims dipped in Champagne... Today, what interests me in the world of wine is the disparity of appellations and vintages, the possibility of always discovering new products...

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Le Clos du Notaire
 8 reviews
2016, Bordeaux - Côtes de Bourg
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