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Les Quatre

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4 friends who are passionate about wine!

Les Quatre is the unique story of four friends who came together to become the star winegrowers of Chinon, in the Loire. Coming from different backgrounds, they find a guideline for their wines: organic farming.

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(37) Indre-et-Loire

For once, Les Grappes invites you to discover a story of friends that seduced us! "Les Quatre" is a story of 4 friends, wine lovers, Philippe Mesnier, Baptiste Lardeux, Vivien Blot, and Nicolas Grosbois, the famous Chinon winemaker. All their wines are ORGANIC, it's a guideline!

The Four is a trading structure, but not just any one of them! Here the grapes are worked with small onions: purchase of standing grapes, draconian specifications, working the soil, grapes grown and purchased organically and natural vinifications, as close as possible to the juices, for a result that will upset your friends, and will give them maximum pleasure! All vinified by Nicolas Grosbois in Panzoult near Chinon.

Our story

Together, they decided to launch the "Les Quatre" range. The idea is simple: to propose and vinify wines for friends, wines without any trouble, the wines they like, and around which they like to meet.

The goal of the group of friends is to offer wines of all occasions, while having a complexity that will please both amateurs and confirmed wine lovers.

Other little stories

The grapes are grown exclusively in organic farming and naturally vinified as close as possible to the terroir. The wines are vinified naturally with indigenous yeasts, without any artifice!

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