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Les Terres Bleues

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Our story

The vines were planted in 2013, 2014 and 2019, i.e. 0.5 ha of Pinot Gris, 0.5 ha of Pinot Noir and 0.5 ha of Grolleau noir. I chose grape varieties adapted to the pedo-climatic context (schist alteration) following a study carried out by the Cellule des Terroirs Viticoles (CTV - 49). The vine is driven on stakes. Staking allows to keep the apex (head of the vine) which plays a major role in the vegetative cycle and favours the maturity of the grapes. This type of driving also allows a freer bearing along the chestnut stakes, which respects more its original trellising, on the trees. The vine is driven organically (AB certification). I work as naturally as possible, I take care of my vines according to the lunar calendar with nettle, comfrey, horsetail decoctions, oak bark, willow and many other plants. I also apply biodynamic preparations (DEMETER certification since 2019). The aim is to enable the vine to strengthen its own resistance to disease but also to improve exchanges between the soil micro-organisms and its root system. I attach the greatest importance to the vine itself but also to the ecosystem in which it is inserted. The harvest is carried out manually. The wine is made without any oenological input, and without sulphur. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in vats (spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts) and then the wine is aged exclusively in barrels.

Other little stories

I started planting my vines in 2013, at the dawn of my professional reconversion (I created my design office specialising in environmental engineering in 1997 and took on the role of company manager with six employees for 20 years). I sold my business at the end of 2017 and therefore officially started my winegrowing activity at the beginning of 2018. I started from "zero": no vineyard, no cellar, no equipment, no stock,... I am the only winegrower in my commune, La Chapelle-Glain, which is located near Châteaubriant (25 km north of Ancenis). The terroir study was a key step before embarking on this project. Indeed, the analysis of the pedoclimatic context of the plot by a professional of the wine terroirs was an essential prerequisite to ensure the relevance of this project and to choose grape varieties perfectly adapted to the local context. I have been very supported by winegrowers from the Ancenis area and elsewhere.... Thanks to them, thanks to them! Today, I am in the same state of mind as the one that has always driven me, i.e. placing respect for human beings and natural resources at the heart of my activity. My wine is 100% grape!

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Les Terres Bleues
 2 reviews
2018, Loire
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