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Maison Labastide

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(81) Tarn

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Maison Labastide is located on the banks of the Tarn river in the heart of the Occitania Region and one of the oldest French vineyards. Established in the 1st century BC by the Romans, the Gaillac vineyard is located on the banks of the Tarn river, in the heart of a territory steeped in history and renowned for its exceptional cultural heritage: Albi (UNESCO), Cordes sur Ciel and the proximity of Toulouse and the medieval city of Carcassonne. The vineyard benefits from a double climatic influence, oceanic mildness and Mediterranean warmth. founded in 1949, Maison Labastide is the oldest cellar in vini?cation in the Tarn. It has established itself as a major and historical player in the Gaillacois vineyard. Its importance and dynamism make it a driving force for the Gaillac appellation today. With nearly 1000 hectares of vineyards and 90 winegrowers, Labastide vinifies grapes from the four distinct terroirs of the appellation (Terrasses de la Rive Gauche, Coteaux de la Rive Droite, Plateau Cordais and the nucleus of Cunac), thus giving its wines a wide range of expression. Thanks to the richness of these terroirs and the typicity of the local grape varieties, Labastide produces wines with a strong winegrower identity. The bubble belonging to the Tarnaise winegrower culture, Labastide has been producing it since its creation, following the example of its emblematic wine, Gaillac Perlé, since its creation, Labastide and its cooperative winegrowers have been defending the production of quality wines and implementing an ever more innovative approach. They are both craftsmen and artists of their wines. Artisans who respect classical techniques and wines. Artists, because they work to provide innovative solutions and are constantly looking for unexplored nuances in wines. These roots, this heritage and the Occitan values of welcoming and exchanging, animate and inspire the enthusiasm and audacity of the Labastide winegrowers, "Creators of Legendary Wines". This enthusiasm continues today more lively than ever, with the desire to offer wines that precisely meet consumers' expectations with a variety of products for discovery, pleasure and tasting. To maintain this dynamic, Labastide relies on the intact and strong know-how and enthusiasm of its winegrowers and teams to draw ever higher the potential of its vineyard. since 2015 Labastide has been offering a unique scenography tour in Occitania. Immersive and innovative, the multimedia supports that mark the route will immerse you in the heart of the world of vines and wine. Good to know: Labastide opens its doors to companies and associations for the organisation of all their events (General Assembly, meetings, seminars...) by offering a wide choice of meal and wine tourism services. More information on

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