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Mas Champart

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The secret is to sleep in the middle of the vineyards!

The 16-hectare vineyard is divided into twenty or so parcels with complex and varied terroirs.

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Our 16 hectare vineyard is divided into twenty or so plots with complex and varied terroirs: at the foot of the rocky bars we plant Mourvèdre on terraces. The soil is ochre-red and the slopes clay-limestone. It is on the plateaus with stony soils that Syrah, Grenache and Carignan flourish. On the other hand, different soils are found in the valley. It is on the variegated marls of the Trias that we plant the Cabernet Franc in the deepest soils. They bring freshness to the wine.

Our story

In a splendid Mediterranean landscape, Mas Champart is a strong and emblematic place of the Saint-Chinian limestone terroir. The terraced vineyards, the stony limestone soils and the old vines require special care, especially in organic farming.

Other little stories

We put all our energy into ensuring that our vines are organically grown: we enrich our soils with green manures and compost. We control our yields as well as the quality of the harvest by winter pruning. Our harvests are manual. In order to ensure the highest quality of our wines, we age them with indigenous yeasts and a minimum of sulphur. Our semi-buried cellar - built in 1995 - allows us to produce our Causse du Bousquet and Clos de la Simonette wines at a constant temperature.

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