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Le Clos des Sables

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Bio d'Anjou & Partage

The passion for wine has always been there with the Picherit family... but it is by playing truant to harvest with his uncle that Olivier found his own way: winemaker! And he has b...

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(49) Maine-et-Loire

Created in 1895 on 60 hectares by an Angevin doctor, my paternal grandfather acquired the heart of the vineyard in 1939: 12 hectares in a single block and enclosed. After 16 years in the industry, I took over from my aunt in 2008. The family estate has been extended to 16 hectares and converted to organic since the end of 2013. The hillsides benefit from a favourable exposure and offer a siliceous clay soil. Four grape varieties, chenin, cabernet franc, grolleau and chardonnay, allow the estate to produce dry and sweet white wines, dry or semi-dry rosés, sparkling reds and since 2012 a natural red without added sulphite.

Our story

Authenticity and respect for the environment are at the heart of our wines. After 5 years of work in organic farming, we received organic certification at the end of 2013. Our mission: to put the fruit at the centre of winemaking to find the perfect balance between the mineral dimension of the terroir and the sugar of the vintage. What motivates me? The desire to start a business, the passion for wine developed through contact with my uncles and aunts, the prospect of keeping the vineyard within the family by becoming the 3rd generation. All this helps me to minimize the difficulties a little bit every day and continues to guide my choices... Very respectful of the estate, I have kept the appellations of the estate while developing more atypical products such as the Piches Bulles in white, rosé, red or Le Coup de Roulis, a natural red wine, without added sulphite ! On the estate, no fertilizers or manure of animal origin are used in the vines. The wines do not undergo fining or filtration, there is no use of animal inputs. The harvest does not use horses or other animals. The labels are free of animal glue.

Other little stories

To define my profession as a winegrower, two words come to mind: PASSION and SHARING. They are inseparable. I have a deep passion for the vine, which is an extraordinary plant for its ease of adaptation. I also attach great importance to respecting the soil, just like my uncle who worked with a horse and a plough until the late 1960s. If I had to mention my sources of inspiration, I would first mention my family members, especially my uncle and also my brother-in-law who is as passionate as he is knowledgeable. Of course, there are also meetings with other winegrowers that are always rewarding.

From the age of twelve, I spent part of August helping my uncle in the cellar and selling in the nearby Vendée markets with my aunts: We could call it a founding act! The year of my high school diploma, I escaped from high school (to my parents' great despair!) to go and harvest with my uncle: an unforgettable memory! I sometimes think that in the world of wine, the sometimes hateful clashes between conventional, organic and natural winegrowers serve the profession and each time it is Anjou that loses...

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