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The balance between man and plant

Stratéus wines are wines that start with the 2017 vintage, located on the hillsides of the village of Madiran itself, with a south-facing exposure... White, red and grey clay soils for the Pac

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(65) Hautes-Pyrénées

Stratéus wines are wines that start with the 2017 vintage, located on the slopes of the village of Madiran itself, with a southern exposure, white, red and grey clay soils for the Pacherencs and grappa subsoil, give this product great aromatic power (small and large manseng grape varieties). Red and yellow clay soils, and Adour pebbles for Madiran red wines, where structure and volume mix with red fruits (Tannat and Cabernet -franc grape varieties). The soils are acido basic in nature with ph between 5 and 6, allowing the living system to acclimatize perfectly to the cultivation routes set up by myself. The parcel selection I made is the result of several years' work on which I had to impose my manual work on the vines, starting the selection in April with radical disbudding, then during the vine's vegetative cycle, followed by manual leaf thinning, two green harvests forever and further increasing the health quality of the bunches and reducing yield and fungal treatments. To date 25 hl /ha are the voluntary yields produced on red as well as white with a manual harvest in the hood at 70 /100 allowing me to fight against oxidation. The living environment, the terroir, patience, observation and questioning are for me the key to success in obtaining wines of character and great finesse.

Our story

The history of the estate began 5 years ago, when my grandfather suggested that I pass on his 80-year-old vine in Madiran and some land on a hillside in the village, and it was a real opportunity for me to promote this small family heritage. From there, a selection of clones and grafts followed to understand which grape varieties to select to tame these terroirs of heavy clay hillsides and gravel, and of full southern exposure that he had given me, I am now able to produce 5000 bottles in sweet white, and 3500 bottles in Madiran which allows me to immortalize the vintage and to have a great pride in holding the fruit of my grandfather's work.

Other little stories

I have always been passionate about the vine, the living world and the terroirs, and I am currently alone, with my 3 small hectares of vines in the very village of Madiran. This allows me to express all my knowledge, my knowledge and therefore to remain within my professional convictions: listening to nature, understanding or at least trying the living system, putting myself in the place of Mother Nature and trying to draw conclusions and explanations, asking new questions every day, about future clones and grafts, possible exposures for global warming, the heights of leaf surfaces to adapt, and soil cultivation according to the different moons. To be a winegrower is to have the chance to make a terroir speak, the chance to respect a natural environment, the chance to listen, to hear the meaning of the winds, to see the flights of goshawks during their wintering, the chance to be a creator. I had the prestige of being able to take over my grandfather's vineyard, to understand and learn with him what wine-making was all about. Produce little, produce healthy, try to find the balance between man and plant.

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2017, Sud-Ouest - Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh
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