The Secrets of a Great Wine (only on reservation)

Châteaux Montus et Bouscassé - Alain Brumont

Châteaux Montus et Bouscassé, Sud-Ouest

Alain Brumont
Duration 4h
Adults from 2 to 45

Activity Details

Like the visit "Birth of an Icon", immerse yourself in the Secrets of Château Montus, explore its history, its winemaking facilities, its vat room with its essential bacchic mosaic and its majestic wine cellar dedicated to Tannat.Discover the terroirs of Montus, then those of Bouscassé and to extend the break, take a seat at La Table de Bouscassé, a unique concept in the wine world, both a company table and a Table d'Hôtes des Vignobles BRUMONT, attracting lovers from all over the world.You will discover, through a Mets et Vins Accord lunch, a masterly interpretation of a very powerful terroir, where the best of the 1000m2 vegetable garden of Château Bouscassé goes hand in hand with top-of-the-range local produce: ceps, Noir de Bigorre, sturgeon de l'Adour, Chapon d'Astarac Bigorre, local breeds or forgotten vegetables... to awaken the senses of the guests every lunchtime. | Departure every day at 10:30 am from Monday to Friday - Saturdays on request from June to September |

Further information

  • Duration of the activity : 4h
  • Payment of the activity : Directly to the winery place
  • Handicap access : Yes

The domain

Alain Brumont, who has been discovering the new terroirs of his region and is passionate about vines, has established himself in 30 years as the icon of Southwestern wines. Today, the winegrower is present on more than 300 hectares in Madiran with more than 26 vintages marketed under the names of Château Montus and Château Bouscassé.

Châteaux Montus et Bouscassé
Vignobles BRUMONT - Châteaux Montus et Bousca
Début de la visite au Château Montus - 65700 Castelnau-Rivière-Basse
32400, Maumusson-Laguian



The Birth of an Icon (only on reservation)

Discover Château Montus (registered as a Historic Monument since 1988), a legendary place for creating exceptional wines, and its Tannat Cathedral, one of the most beautiful cellars in the world, immerse you...
2h  |  from 2 to 20 | 15€00 / Adults utilise des cookies
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